A six-week internship is just too short!

For 365 days a year and on over 200,000 sqm, we offer technology that takes you to the depths of the seas and to the outer reaches of space. Thousands of motorised and/or mechanical contemporary witnesses tell the story of development from the sewing machine to vintage cars and the space shuttle. 18-year-old Max Hubert Trebo experienced what it takes to keep Europe's largest private museum running in a six-week internship and recorded his experiences. His conclusion: six weeks is just too short!

My name is Max and I come from the small village of San Vigilio di Marebbe in Enneberg (Ladin side of South Tyrol). In June this year, I graduated from the 4th State Hotel School in Bruneck. To earn my degree, I had to do an internship at the reception. As I am always keen to see and learn new things in order to be able to apply them one day, I also wanted to get out of South Tyrol. I was given the opportunity to go to Sinsheim: my parents are members of the Friends of Museums Association. In conversation with the bosses, with Ms Layher and Mr Layher, the opportunity arose not only to do the internship at Hotel Sinsheim's reception, but also in the marketing department of the Technik Museum Sinsheim. I was sincerely overjoyed about this! Ever since I was little I have been interested in motorcycles, cars and floating vehicles with wings and propellers. I am fascinated by technology. In my free time, I enjoy wild rides with my Vespa 50 Special or my motorcycle on the roads of the Dolomites – and recently also with my car. So, I agreed at once. 

Once I arrived in Sinsheim, I quickly realised that this was the right world for me. Because this is a super 4-star hotel sitting by Technik Museum Sinsheim, one the largest and most beautiful museums. And a few miles away, there is the Technik Museum Speyer. I find this extremely fascinating because we also have a small hotel with a museum in San Vigilio di Marebbe. It shows everything from watches to vintage cars. At home, we also experience the passion for beautiful, rare antiques. Moreover, almost every room at Hotel Al Plan features a different theme. Whether Fiat, Ducati or Harley-Davidson, each is individually decorated. Have a look!

I spent the first three weeks of my internship at Hotel Sinsheim. It is very high quality, refined and with a top-class restaurant. At the reception, I was able to learn more about the various processes such as check-ins, check-outs and guest care. Shiftwork was also very varied. In addition, the chance spontaneously arose of helping out at the reception of Hotel Speyer am Technik Museum. I was very impressed by the unusual accommodation concept: a hotel built inside old military barracks directly connected to the museum. There is also a caravan park connected to it. which can also accommodate other types of customers. I was also able to learn how to run a caravan park. And I was in the very beautiful city of Speyer!! 

I spent the last three weeks in the museum administration, in the marketing department, which I really liked! Although we had touched on this area during the school year, a lot was new and very exciting to me. I liked the social media area best. Moreover, I was allowed to get a taste of event management, as I also plan to organise events one day. For example, I supervised the vintage car drive with start and finish in the Speyer Museum. In general, I have just one thing to say: museums are alive! There is always something to do and you can look forward to something every day! It is difficult to put into words the size and variety of technology and exhibits these museums offer! I am always in awe when I walk through the halls among the beautiful, well-kept exhibits... a great experience every time! I particularly like the airplanes floating high above your head, such as the Concorde. As well as Hall 2 with Formula 1, all the sports cars, vintage cars and motorcycles.

My absolute highlight was a weekend with the Layher family and a day with museum president Hermann Layher. He told me about his experiences and the history of  the museums. Since that day, he has really been a mentor to me!

It was really fantastic to spend weeks with these great colleagues. They took every opportunity to teach me as much as possible and to support me. It was much more than I expected. I will never forget the team spirit, the great moments, and especially the lunch breaks. I will always treasure this internship in this fantastic world and with these fantastic people! And I definitely want to implement what I have learned. It was an honour to be here, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I was in very good hands with my "second family". I will definitely come back. In the meantime, I wish my colleagues all the best and hopefully see you soon.

Max Hubert Trebo

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