School trips, the safe way

More than 60 associations, clubs, organisers, and accommodation providers are pushing for the early return of school trips, based on tried and tested health and safety concepts. Under the name "Alliance for School and Class Trips", they have set up a website, providing extensive information and hoping to inspire parents, educators, decision-makers and students to start organising their next class trip.


Carsten Herold, chairman of the German Association of School Trip Organisers, emphasises that "safety and community are paramount". "Anyone who begins organising their upcoming school trip now and takes a thorough look at the health and safety plans is acting with the utmost responsibility and foresight". The Sinsheim Speyer Technology Museums have teamed up with more than 60 associations, clubs, organisers and service providers, to launch the campaign "Klassenfahrt - aber sicher" (School trips - the safe way). The aim is to raise awareness of the importance and value of school field trips and to inspire others to organise and participate. The campaign's key message is: school trips are possible!


Class trips give stability and perspective
"School trips are an essential part of school life. They strengthen the effective transfer of knowledge and encourage independence" says Holger Seidel, chairman of Reisenetz e.V. Starting now with the organisation of school field trips means finding a way forward "after months of solitude". He continues "When the new school year starts, all students need a strong sense of belonging, and now is precisely the right time to work together to provide that perspective". According to Thomas Sablotny, member of the executive committee of the federal association Individual- und Erlebnispädagogik e.V., teachers have made it quite clear that they are ready to start teaching again. "In 2020, most class and end-of-term trips were cancelled. Teachers and students are now even more eager to start planning for the coming autumn and for 2022".

However, safety is not the only concern when it comes to planning a class trip. Choosing the right destination and activity programme makes the school trip a special experience for the students.


A school trip can now become a great experience with the new educational offerings at the Technik Museen Sinsheim Speyer!
Students can go on a journey back to ancient Greece and learn about scientists and inventors such as Volta, Franklin and Tesla, who helped shape the history of electricity. Or they can take a trip into space, with NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, and leave their footprints on the moon. Both are possible at Sinsheim and Speyer! In order to deepen students' learning, the new, exciting educational packages - Planet Power at Sinsheim and Apollo and Beyond at Speyer - each include a visit to the museum, an IMAX documentary (depending on the booking), and a themed museum quiz. The winner can take home a prize. And just so that no one goes empty-handed, every student gets a little surprise. The packages mix education and entertainment in equal measure, offering a special look into the world of electricity or space exploration. Teachers are given a free introductory visit to the Technology Museums each year. Contact the Museum Sales office to request a suitable date or a custom offer for a class trip. You can find more details in the German-language section of the Museum website under the heading "Klassenfahrten" (School trips).



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